Clipboard Everywhere will close down on December 31st, 2023.

I am focusing on other matters, and I no longer have the time that is needed to maintain this service. New registrations have been closed. Payments e.t.c. will cease, but I plan to leave this website online.

Thank you to all of my users for your support. I enjoyed working on Clipboard Everywhere.

I wish you all the best.

Clipboard Everywhere

Sync Folders and Your Clipboard

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Your Clipboard

Copy and paste across devices, seamlessly. Just copy and paste!

You can also view, search and filter through your 50-item synchronized clipboard history across any of your devices.

To keep your data private and secure, everything you copy is end-to-end encrypted with AES-256 military-grade encryption.

On top of that, all of your data is stored in the most secure database engine on the market, now 8 years running, so no worries there.

*New* - Your clipboard history preserves rich text, such as headings and highlighted words, when copying from applications such as Word and OneNote (Windows).

Image of the in-app Clipboard Page
Image of the in-app Files Page

SuperDrop File Transfer

Seamlessly send files between your devices with SuperDrop.

Simply share files to the app*, select which device to send them to, and watch the magic happen as they go over the local network, at super-speed!

NEW - SuperDrop Shares. Choose folders that will automatically sync across your devices in real-time! Great for syncing backups, music and TV collections, and more.

You can create Shares on Android and on Windows. They will automatically show up in-app on your other devices - if you want to sync them, just click the button. It couldn't be easier!

*From the desktop apps, drag-and-drop your files onto the window

Bing Daily Wallpapers

Seen those beautiful pictures on the Bing homepage? Want them set to your lock screen, desktop wallpaper or home screen?

Clipboard Everywhere can do it automatically, giving you beautiful new backgrounds each day. Or pick one yourself from the last 15 days, using the Backgrounds tab.

Image of the in-app Backgrounds page


Clipboard Everywhere offers a perpetual Free tier, featuring Unlimited Clipboard Sync, and more, for free! Clipboard Everywhere also offers a Premium tier, unlocking the full functionality of the software. Please see the Feature Comparison for the differences between the two tiers.

All new users will receive a 7 day trial of the Premium tier. After that, you can choose to join the Premium tier on one (£0.49), six (£1.49) or twelve-month (£2.49) plans; or if you do nothing, you will automatically be placed onto the new Free tier, which you can keep using for as long as you like, for free!


Clipboard Everywhere requires an account to use, and registration is very easy! You can either register now, or you can do it in-app.

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